Psalm 119:105-112

     Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. What you say provides light for my journey through life so I don’t stumble when it otherwise would be dark.

     I have entered into a covenant and by your grace I will stand by it, cooperating with your fair and just decisions.

     I have been weighed down, humbled to be bent toward you. Revive me, O Lord, according to your word. Accept my voluntary worship and teach me your judgments.

     The wicked set snares for me and my life could be forfeit at any moment but I have not strayed from your appointments and I will not forget your instructions.

   I was bent toward you in my afflictions for the purpose that I would accomplish your assignments to the very end. I am rich with the inheritance of your statutes; they make my heart exult!

(Personalized, key words researched in the original Hebrew.)


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