Psalm 119:137-144

     You are righteous, Jehovah; you act in accord with your character and the covenant you established with me when you chose me for redemption. You speak forth righteous verdicts over me.

     The legal provisions you have given are just and righteous, contributing to the fulfillment of expectations. The problem is me; I am completely incapable of keeping your law perfectly. Thank you, Jesus, for keeping it on my behalf!!

     My enemies nearly did me in; they persistently ignore your commands. I have thoroughly tested your promises in my times of trouble – and I love them!

     I am not an important person yet you teach me your precepts and enable me to remember them. You fulfill all righteous expectations forever and your law is faithfulness epitomized.

     When I am in a tight place and feeling distressed your warnings are the delight of my heart; they prove forever right. Please enable me to see clearly so I will act wisely and live to honor you.

(Personalized, key words researched in the original Hebrew.)


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