Psalm 119:153-160

     When I am in misery, see me and rescue me from it, for I am yours and I live by your instructions. Contend for me and claim me as your own; make me truly alive, according to what you have said.

     Salvation is far from those who do not care to inquire about your law.

     Only because of your great mercy, Yahweh, will you pronounce a favorable verdict over me, delivering me to life rather than the condemnation my sinfulness deserves.

   I have many enemies who seek to pull me away from your admonitions and warnings but, by your grace, they cannot be successful. I am disgusted by deceitful betrayers who ignore what you say.

     You have poured into my heart love for your precepts; I count on your faithfulness to preserve my life. The entirety of your affairs, your answers and deeds is trustworthy and faithful; all your judgments are righteous, enduring for eternity.

(Personalized, key words researched in the original Hebrew.)


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