Psalm 139:13-18

     You personally formed and shaped me according to your plan. You placed me in my mother’s womb, weaving me together. I was yours by right of creation and then you purchased me back when I wandered away in sinfulness!

     I stand in reverential awe of the intricate work you do in creation, especially in appointing the birth of each child to the mother you choose. You see the embryo and your plans for that individual when it is yet unformed in the womb. All your assignments are ordained and even written in your book long before each baby is born!

     Your incomprehensibly great knowledge and compassion overwhelm me, Almighty God! I will never be able to understand you but one thing I know for sure, when I awake, no matter where I am or in what circumstances, I am still with you!!

(Personalized, key words researched in the original Hebrew.)


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