Psalm 142

I cry out to you for help and mercy, O self-existent, eternal Yahweh. To you I pour out my complaint of distress and anguish. My enemies, the world culture around me that tries to press me into its mold, my own self-absorption, my history of selfishness and Satan himself, they are always plaguing me. They are too strong for me. My spirit is weary within me from resisting their pressure.

You know the path I walk; you understand completely. You see where their snares lie. I find help in no one but you, Lord. I am desperate for you; my refuge, the One who provides the help and sustenance I need while I live this earth-life. You are the One who rescues me from my enemies who are definitely too strong for me. You have released me from bondage in sin so I can praise your name forever.

Others you have also released from bondage will join me and we will praise your goodness together.

(Personalized, key words researched in the original Hebrew.)


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