Psalm 145:13b-21

You love us and you are completely trustworthy and faithful to all your promises. The ultimate fulfillment of all your promises is found in your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.

You lift up those who are weighed down and fall, showing compassion on the weak and restoring the erring. In your open-handed love you provide all that is needed for every living thing you created.

You fulfill every expectation in your love toward all you have made. You remain close to all who turn to you and love you, fulfilling their desire for rescue and saving them. You maintain a protective watch over those who love you but those who reject you will be destroyed.

My speech will be filled with praise of Jehovah. Let all flesh render praise and adoration forever in honor of his pure character.

(Personalized, key words researched in the original Hebrew.)


One thought on “Psalm 145:13b-21

  1. Dear Kitty, Thank you for allowing me to be a prayer partner both for you Mentors and Thursday class. You have it so well organized that it is a privilege to pray for both groups. The picture are a real asset plus the comments written on the back. Thursday morning I prayed for the study as wells for each individual. I am so blessed to be part of both groups. God’s Blessing and Wisdom, Phyllis >


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