Who Do I Think I Am, Anyway?

Personalizing the Psalms and blogging them for 71 weeks? Who do I think I am, anyway? Well, it certainly was not an attempt to rewrite them but only to research the original meanings of the key words in some their nuances that might have particular application to my life issues and my way of looking at things. I shared them in the hope they would shed additional light to others without diverting attention from God’s original message at all.

It was quite an adventure and I loved it! I found myself drawn in to the love and care of God in ways I had never considered in my previous 55 years of exposure to holy writ. The Psalms are so real! Cries of discouragement, depression, despair are clearly sounded without apology. What? It’s okay to rail like that at God, be that honest?

There is great comfort in the Psalms for the hurting heart. Again and again God shows himself to be the sovereign God who is personal in his power, love and wisdom – acting always to promote the agenda of his glory but also our very best good.

I was personally benefitted in my walk with God as I studied and recorded my findings through these 71 weeks. Whether or not anyone else benefitted is relatively irrelevant. They are there under the title “Psalms Personalized” for anyone to see if interested.

I’ll blog on other things in the future.


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