Peeks and Promises

I wrote a Bible Study called “Peeks and Promises.” The concept was to peek into each book of the Old Testament to see some of the promises tucked in those pages about Christ and find where the New Testament tells us those promises were fulfilled in Jesus. I had a great time writing it.

Several months passed before this September arrived and I was asked to offer the study at the church I attend. When we actually got around to having the classes I found myself surprisingly insecure about the study. “Who wrote this thing?” I thought. “It’s so dry and impersonal, just one verse after another. Look-them-up-and-write-your-answers. Oh, dear!” I really thought it was going to be a disaster!

For awhile there I forgot how God feels about his written Word. He loves it and takes responsibility for it, promising it will not be ineffective, but will successfully accomplish what he desires.*

It mattered not how I felt about it; my insecurity interfered with God not one whit. He is taking his Word and meeting the participants in their homes with a measure of fascination as they prepare the lessons, giving them a greater appreciation for the Old Testament and fulfilled prophecy. Class time is exciting as participants express what they are learning. God is even making it personal, helping us to see where these peeks and promises affect our own lives. Imagine that!

I was almost shocked at first. I was so excited to watch God take his written Word and make it come alive for his purposes, to accomplish what he desired – absolutely in spite of me and the unhelpful sense of ownership and people-pleasing that could have ruined it for me.

You know, this can happen on a daily basis for each one of us, too. Every time we open our Bibles and ask God to reveal more of himself to us in those pages – he absolutely loves to do that! He gave us the Bible and preserved it down through the ages so we could read it today and let him use it in our lives to transform us into the people he created us to be. Pretty amazing!!

*Isaiah 55:11


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