Gratitude must have an end point, a receptacle. We need a place to deposit our appreciation. I believe the resistance to thanking God is what gave rise to the phrase “Turkey Day.” If we are thankful, we must be thankful to… the one(s) from whom our blessings come? Our parents? Our own hard work? Our own ingenuity and enterprise? Where did those blessings truly originate?

If we are honest we must express gratitude to the God who gave us life, health, ingenuity and enterprise, parents who provided some measure of something – at least they didn’t abort us and many parents loved and nurtured us wonderfully well. These are gifts from Creator God. Can we just acknowledge his good gifts and give him thanks?

Awareness of sin, the gift of repentance and saving faith are provided by the God who loves us. Those are amazing gifts for which we can express heartfelt appreciation because they transfer us from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear Son.*

If you enjoy relationships that enrich your life (spouse, children, grandchildren, friends) thank God for those relationships and the effect they have on your attitudes and health. If you enjoy sufficient health to work and be productive for your family and society, thank God for that strength and something meaningful (or not so meaningful) to do that puts food in the mouths and a roof over the heads. If your strength is failing and you are in pain, thank God for contentment which can cover your heart and mind like a blanket of new-fallen snow regardless of your circumstances. It can. It truly can! I am seeing it in a couple of my pain-afflicted friends as they yield in submission. “If it’s okay with God; it’s okay with me.” Thank you, Father!

Let’s be people who know what Thanks-giving is all about. We know where to go with our gratitude. We recognize from Whom our blessings flow. He deserves our thanks, and not just on some government-approved holiday but every moment of every day of the life he gives and sustains.

Happy Thanks-giving!

* Colossians 1:13-14


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