Holidays Hard?

Family not all warm and fuzzy? Have you suffered a loss this year that now plays havoc with holiday traditions? Are you wishing someone would beam you to January 2nd, with the hoopla behind you? My heart aches for the large percentage of folks for whom it’s hard to find things for which to be thankful while choking down turkey and the holidays are anything but merry.

Please don’t give up. Don’t give in to the sadness and let it rob you. Change happens to you; transition happens inside you, where you make choices. I hope you will dig deep inside and then choose to look outside yourself to find someone who can benefit from your friendship – perhaps someone else who dreads the holidays. If we acknowledge there are many such folks, then there are many who need a word of cheer and some extra love in the coming days. When we determine to bless another person with our friendship we absolutely cannot help but be blessed in the process, lifted up and out of ourselves.

You are an important part of what’s going on or you wouldn’t be here! I pray that you will rise above your own grief, discomfort, or just plain disgruntledness and seek the help of God to bless someone else during the next few days and weeks.

I would love to hear how it goes. I wish for you better holidays than you expected!

With my love, Kitty


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