Let me introduce you to the person I know best – me! My name is Kitty. I am a frequently failing follower of Jesus and by his grace I continue to follow!

I live in Northern California with my husband Norm. We have 4 grown children and 7 grandchildren scattered all over the world, literally.

I came to blogging dragging my feet, being of the opinion that blogging was glorified self-promotion. The dictionary says blogging is to share experiences, opinions and observations. Still sounds a little too much “all about me” for any blog I would want to follow. Maybe the same is true for you. On the surface why would you care about my experiences, opinions or observations enough to invest your valuable time following them?

My primary purpose for blogging is to communicate with readers, as though over a cup of coffee, what I discover in my study of God’s Word. I’ve been posting similarly on Face Book for quite awhile but those, of necessity, are just a few lines. (Face Book: “Kitty Jones Mt. Gilead”, I’d love to be your FB friend.)

I am hoping for opportunity to go a bit deeper in a blog. I will be honest with you when the words of scripture convict me and rejoice with you as together we see more and more of God revealed.

At first I will stick with observations on scripture passages. Whatever I am blogging, I make this pledge: I will not blog unless I am ready to tell the truth – about me, my walk with God and my interaction with His Word, His people and those around me who may not yet be His people. Occasionally I might have something funny to blog, or some tidbit of general informational value, but for the most part I promise simply to be genuinely me.

I hope you will comment often and be likewise transparent. How can we communicate in any meaningful way otherwise? Talk back.


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